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Presenting the 2018 release of the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Data

The ISBSG Data Repository now contains more than 8,200 projects from around the world.

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What our clients think

ISBSG data is the best option for validating your estimates of time and quality for software dvelopment and maintenance.

David Garmus

“Nesma, as a gold partner of ISBSG, strongly supports the use of ISBSG data and analysis reports (available for free for our members). In our view these products enable our members and their clients to bridge the gap between sizing, benchmarking and estimation and thus give meaning to the outcome of their sizing efforts. From a business point of view, it’s important for organizations to know your performance. If you don’t know how you are performing, you are in the dark about spending your money on IT projects and Agile teams. ISBSG data sheds light into that darkness. Nesma, together with ICEAA, is developing the Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (and certification). The availability of ISBSG data, relevant analysis reports and other materials are a crucial part of this sCEBoK.”

Bert Veening (NESMA)

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