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2015 IT Confidenc Conference

ISBSG and GUFPI-ISMA presented the IT Confidence Conference – the 3nd International Conference on IT Data Collection, Analysis and Benchmarking, on 19 October 2015 in Florence, Italy. The presentations can be downloaded from:  http://itconfidence2015.wordpress.com/

Leda MC Joins ISBSG

ISBSG welcomes Leda MC as a Gold Partner (Industry). We thankyou for your ongoing support. To find out how to become a Gold Partner click here.

Special Analysis Reports

The ISBSG regularly releases special analyses covering topics of value to IT practitioners and IT customers. Non English versions of these papers may be available from the ISBSG Member in each country. Early Lifecycle Software Estimation Often, when a software project is simply an idea, you need to provide an indicative estimate of the possible […]

Research Projects That Use the ISBSG Repository Data

Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece – Dr Ioannis Stamelos Project Title:  Software effort estimation based on multi-organisational project data Research aims and objectives:    To investigate the feasibility and accuracy of various estimation approaches, when applied on a multi-organisational project database.  In addition, various methods will be applied through the use of tools, (Angel, BRACE) dedicated to […]

Research Papers That Use the ISBSG Data

The ISBSG welcomes submissions of papers that refer to the ISBSG or are based on ISBSG repository data.  To have a paper listed here please email details to: admin@isbsg.org. “A Measurement Approach Integrating ISO 15939, CMMI and ISBSG” Luc Bégnoche, Alain Abran, Luigi Buglione Software Measurement European Forum – SMEF2007, ISBN: 9-788870-909425, May 8-11 2007, Rome, Italy, pp. 111-130 Email: Alain.Abran@etsmtl.ca “A Replicated […]

What you can find in the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository

Where did the projects come from? The projects have been submitted from 26 different countries. Major contributors are the United States (32% of all projects), Australia (13%), Japan (12%), Finland (9%), France (7%), the Netherlands (6%), India (5%), Canada (5%), and Spain (4%). The projects were “built” in 32 different countries. Major contributors are United […]

New Release (R13) of D&E Data

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group is very proud to announce that it has now released R13 of its New Developments and Enhancements (D&E) repository, containing the project data of 6.760 completed software realization projects. A broad range of project types from many industries and many business areas are available for you to use for […]