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Software Cost Estimator Becomes a Real Profession!

In the IT industry, estimation maturity processes on average are still quite low. Unfortunately, large sums of money are still wasted because projects are not estimated professionally.  This results in cost and schedule overruns. One of the issues in the industry is the fact that the Software Cost Estimator is not a recognized profession yet. […]

Using Story Points with ISBSG Data

Using Story Points Together with ISBSG Benchmarking Data It is well known that agile teams use Story Points in their Planning Sprints for sizing work effort. Story Points are not a metrics but use Fibonacci categories to distinguish small (3) from medium (5) to large (8) to extra-large (13) effort size. When assigning user stories […]

New Release of ISBSG Development & Enhancement Data for 2018

ISBSG is pleased to announce the new release of the Development & Enhancement data repository for 2018.. The number of new development projects, releases and series of sprints is now over 8200. Use the latest release of the ISBSG data for: improved software project estimation reality checks of proposals better project control scope management (supplier) performance […]

December 2017 Newsletter

The New Release of the ISBSG Data is Coming! ISBSG is excited to announce the new release of the Development & Enhancement (D&E) data in January 2018. ISBSG Corporate subscribers will be sent the new release of the data, as part of their subscription.  Find out how you can enjoy the benefits of a Corporate […]

November 2017 Newsletter

Estimating the Required Team Size of Agile Teams ISBSG has created a new section of the website dedicated to Agile called “Agile Corner“.  A recent addition is a free report on How to Estimate the Required Team Size of Agile Teams . This is the first in a series of tutorials on how to use ISBSG data […]

2017 IT Conference

China SPI hosts the 2017 IT Confidence Conference The 2017 IT Confidence Conference was hosted by Gold partner China Software Process Improvement (China SPI) in September in Beijing. Go to the IT Confidence Conference 2017 web page for more information on the event. Displayed below are the presentations from the 2016 IT Confidence Conference Software Project Benchmarking […]

New Release of Report – Project Planning (for different project phases)

The 2017 version of the Project Planning (Phase Ratios) report has just been released. Would you like to benchmark the effort allocated to the phases of your project?  This report provides a valuable insight into the effort ratios spent on each project phase, using projects from the ISBSG Repository. Both Enhancement projects and New Development […]

Free Agile Report Offer

ISBSG is pleased to offer you a copy of our short report –  How to Estimate the Required Team Size of Agile Teams. Read more about this offer now.

ISBSG and LEDAmc at the Madrid, Spain at the expo:QA’17

  ISBSG and LEDAmc Presented In Madrid, Spain at the  The expo:QA’17 conference took place mid June in Madrid, Spain with more than 400 participants (from more than 200 different companies)  that come from 22 different countries. The conference program was like a big candy store with everything that you could dream off about testing. […]